Youri Solves Midterm 1

Below are videos of me going through the midterm for the first time.

Some things to note,

1. I go through these questions relatively slowly because I tried to reason my thinking out-loud. Hopefully it all makes sense but I was just speaking what was on my mind so there may be moments where I say silly things.

2. These videos are meant to give you an inside look at how you might want to approach these questions. If you want someone to go over the question with you, you should go to office hours.

3. I checked my answers afterwards and it looks like I made a small mistake on Question 3a. I called kbonacci(i) and didn't put in the second parameter. It should have been kbonacci(i, k). That's where checking your domain and range after solving a question and doing a sanity check after you go through all the problems would help ;)