Youri Solves Midterm 2

Below are videos of me going through Midterm 2.

Some things to note,

1. I go through these questions relatively slowly because I tried to reason my thinking out-loud. Hopefully it all makes sense but I was just speaking what was on my mind so there may be moments where I say silly things.

2. These videos are meant to give you an inside look at how you might want to approach these questions. If you want someone to go over the question with you, you should go to office hours.

3. I make some mistakes originally but I am able to figure out how to fix them! I think this is actually way more useful than me going through it perfectly the first time through. One thing you should try doing is to see why you thought things were supposed to be a certain way on the midterm and make sure you know why you were right or wrong. This is how you prevent yourself from making the same mistakes on the final.